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Question: Growing lemons

Good morning

My name is Nadia and they gave me a lemon tree, the one that bears fruit three times a year. I live in an apartment with a balcony exposed to the sun in the morning and in the shade in the afternoon. I have the possibility of always having a corner in the shade.

Can you advise me regarding the arrangement, watering, pruning and fertilizing?

I live in Emilia Romagna.

Thank you. With best regards


Answer: Growing lemons

Dear Nadia,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the cultivation of lemons in pots through the section of the expert of

Lemon like other citrus fruits in general tolerate pot cultivation because they are in nature low-sized trees and have a vigorous but slow growth.

Their cultivation does not pose big problems in pots except for their poor tolerance to winter temperatures and the nutrition that must be balanced in nutrients and regular as evergreen plants in constant vegetation and production.

To answer you directly to the questions asked, we specify:

· The vase must have dimensions such that the crown must be contained within the diameter of the vase or at least a third lower.

The repotting must be done every 2 years and the recommended period is in March, being careful not to spoil the earthen bread.

· The type of substrate must be porous, organic and draining and to facilitate draining from the bottom of the pot, we recommend using appropriate material on the bottom for at least 4 cm.

· During the winter shelter the position must be sunny or very bright and the minimum temperature must remain above 13 ° C.

It is always recommended to proceed gradually in order not to create acclimatization stress such as from warm interiors to cold exteriors and vice versa.

· Among the main parasites there are mealybugs, whiteflies and mites against which there are specific insecticides.

Yours sincerely.