Mealybug on the terrace

Question: how to eradicate the cochineal Buonasera I live in Rome and I have a balcony completely exposed to the south. Despite the use of anti-parasitics found on the market every year my plants are completely invaded by mealybugs. What can I do? Thank you for your availability pending an answer. I greet you mealybug on the terrace: Answer: a sneaky insect Dear Manuela, the mealybug is an insect that develops in particular climatic conditions, that is, hot, dry air and poor ventilation; a south-facing terrace will surely receive the sun's rays in the hottest hours of the day, and will remain very hot and dry even at night, without being able to enjoy the refreshment of the night air; if in addition to this you take outdoor plants that already show signs of the infestation by the cochineal, in a few weeks all your plants will be full.

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